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Ultrasonic watch (bracelet) mosquito repellent ECO – FRIENDLY
The watch on the silicone strap, using the ultrasonic frequency of the microcomputer, allows the transmission of ultrasonic waves, electromagnetic waves and bionic waves, which can effectively disturb the auditory and nervous systems of mosquitoes in order to drive them away.

A mosquito repellent watch
80-90% reduction in mosquito biting
Thanks to the emitted ultrasounds that are safe for humans, the watch repels mosquitoes in the immediate vicinity.

Perfect for:

Staying at home and at work
During a sleep
Evening feasts and grilling
Walks over the backwaters
Walks in the mountains and forests
Fishing trips
Cycling and other outdoor sports
Going out to the city
Thanks to the modern design, it will fit into any outfit, you can use it every day while enjoying a pleasant view on the wrist, and at the same time forget about bothersome mosquitoes!

Area of ​​operation: approx. 10 m2

Product: Mosquito repellent LED watch

Working time: 30 hours

Charging time: 30 minutes

Function: repelling insects using ultrasonic waves

Color available: black

Design: Regular

Smell: none

Packaging: box

Watch size: 25 * 3cm

Weight: 53 g

Charging input: micro USB (5V / 1A)

Country of Origin: China

Certificate: CE FCC ROHS

The smart chip allows the device to effectively scare away mosquitoes around the clock, because it ensures low energy consumption necessary for operation, without emitting radiation!

The product works in the following modes:

1. home day mode

2. outdoor sports mode

3. quiet mode – the product is turned off

The modes can be changed with one button.

Research shows that female mosquitoes bite humans or animals during the breeding season to feed their eggs. Meanwhile, they don’t like contact with male mosquitoes. A smart mosquito repellent simulates vibrations at the frequency emitted by male mosquitoes to ward off mosquitoes.

Plus, this mosquito repellent smart watch does not contain any chemicals and is environmentally and health friendly.

Set contains:
1. bracelet / watch in color: white or black – to choose from
2.USB charging cable
3. English user manual