Graphic Tablet for Drawing Blackboard 8.5 INCH PAD ELECTRONIC NOTEBOOK SKU:236-B

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8.5 inch LCD electronic notepad

Perfect for home, school and office!

An electronic notebook in a set with a stylus allows you to take notes, drawings with the option of immediate erasing.

At work and at school, it will come in handy for taking quick notes or making simple calculations. At home, it can be used as a notice board, and for children as a tool for learning to write and draw.

It is super light and thin, weighing only 109 g, so you can easily put it in your purse or backpack. Plastic, break-resistant LCD screen ensures durability of use. The device has a built-in battery.

The device is environmentally friendly and will successfully replace a traditional notebook.

Thanks to its intuitive operation, it is accessible to everyone, regardless of age category. With the stylus included in the kit, you can easily make notes, whether it is a shopping list, work notes or student notes with the option of immediate eraser

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