Pet hair self cleaning double brush for cloathes or furniture sku: 230-B

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A very practical set of 2 brushes for removing hair, hair, dust from clothes, upholstery, carpets, bedding, etc.
Very handy for all pet owners and more.
It allows you to quickly and effectively get rid of hair or hair from clothes or upholstery.
Useful not only at home, but also when traveling, car, etc.
Therefore, the set includes two brushes: one large double-sided for home use, the other smaller – perfect for taking in a purse or pocket.

Express action!
Allows for multiple use without replacing additional rolls!

The cleaning head is covered with thousands of special micro-bristles, thanks to which with one stroke of the brush it is possible to thoroughly remove hair from the surfaces being cleaned!

The set includes a cleaning base that allows you to clean the brush and prepare it for further work. It has a removable hair container, so you can easily get rid of the collected hair.

Additionally, a compact version of the brush is included, perfect for traveling and going out. Its small size allows it to be hidden in a purse or a car glove compartment!