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DescriptionBRACELET REPELLER OF Mosquitoes and other insectsThe bracelet is made of soft, skin-friendly silicone, not only waterproof, but also flexible and safe for children and adults.
Contains a capsule filled with pure natural essential oils from plants, which effectively repels mosquitoes and other insects by releasing citronella around the bracelet, is safe and healthy.

Non-toxic and safe to use against mosquitoes and annoying insects, as the bracelets contain the vegetable oils of citronella, lavender, eucalyptus and lemongrass, as well as the soothing geranium oil extracted from the geranium plants.
Simple stylish bracelet design with 8 separate holes, adjustable circumference from 16 cm to 23 cm, which can be perfectly adapted to the wrist of children and adults.

The capsule is removable, it is convenient when you wear it on your wrist.Outdoor activities should be fun and enjoyable.
Use this updated wristband instead of a spray to keep annoying mosquitoes away from you and your loved ones.

The bracelet will keep you and your family or friends protected anytime, anywhere without mosquito bites this summer and fall.
Mosquito repellent bracelets can provide effective protection for up to 7 days.

It is an essential part of any outdoor activity, especially perfect for hiking, grilling, climbing, fishing and traveling.