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INTERACTIVE TALKING HAMSTER TOY Not only the parrot repeats the words heard earlier – you will find out about it thanks to the interactive talking hamster!
A small plush toy will amuse even the most pessimists. He repeats all the words he has heard, in addition to a funny squeaky voice.
And it will make the person you give this stuffed animal even more fun.
This is the most talkative hamster in the world!
This little plush friend can listen to what you say to him and repeat what you hear!
An interactive toy for children and more – a hamster is a great way to amuse even the greatest sadness.
MOCKINGBIRD This adorable plush mascot will help your child learn to speak in a pleasant way , practice pronunciation and learn foreign languages.

Thanks to the built-in mechanism, the hamster will repeat exactly what you say to him in his own funny hamster way.
A cuddly toyThe toy hamster is not only a useful educational tool – look at those tiny cute eyes and cute pink nose!
It is also a perfect friend for every little one!
Made of a delicate, pleasant to the touch plush and soft filling, it is perfect as a cuddly mascot.
Talking Interactive Hamster Repeats Moving Sex Boys Girls How to start having fun?
• Turn the toy on with the on / off switch located next to the bottom of the toy.
• Stand your hamster about 40 cm apart and say clearly, preferably without pauses, a short text.
• The hamster will repeat it in a fun way. Each time the hamster repeats the last text he heard.
Talking Interactive Hamster Repeats Moving Baby’s age 1m +Talking Interactive Hamster Repeats MovesCommodity
Brand new product.
Hamster dimensions: approx. 15cm x 11cm x 9cm (height / width / depth)
Power supply: 3xAAA (not included)
Switch: ON / OFFPlastic packaging.
Product features: Great fun for children and adults.
An interactive toy supporting learning to speak.
Helpful when learning languages ​​and new words
.Made of soft plush.
Sweet and cute!
Made carefully with attention to every detail
Available colours:
– Dark brown
– Light brown
– Grey