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Very light and stable. multi-level shoe shelf.
This is the perfect solution. which enables us to bring order to our footwear! It does not take up much space and will be perfect even in small halls and halls. Durable. the metal structure will provide the rack with stability, even when fully filled.

It can successfully fit up to 30 pairs of shoes on 10 levels! Check for yourself how easy it is to change and organize the hall!

Commodity specification:
Brand new product.
Material: metal (crossbars). plastic (posts)
Dimensions of one level after folding: 15 cm x 50 cm x 15 cm
Maximum height: up to 140 cm
Width: 51 cm
Depth: 16cm
Adjustable number of levels: from 1 to 10
Packaging: cardboard box

Product features:
Perfect bookcase for the company. store. office and home hall! Wherever there are lots of pairs of shoes.
Very easy to assemble. The posts are made of durable plastic. and the crossbars of metal tubes.
The individual levels of the shelf can be freely added or subtracted as needed!
You can fit up to 30 pairs of shoes on it!
Very simple and aesthetic appearance – it will fit into the decor of any room.
It is multi-level – it perfectly saves the space needed for storing shoes.
It is made of 3 segments. The segments can be joined together to obtain a greater height. Thanks to this, we will be able to put more pairs of shoes on our shelf!
It is very easy to fold and unfold – it takes up little space after disassembly!