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Neoprene training pants are pants thanks to which you will get rid of unnecessary kilograms faster and effectively. Thanks to them, the skin will become firm and smooth. The training effects will be faster and more visible. In addition to training, these shorts can be used in everyday use.

Wear them while shopping, exercising, relaxing, doing daily housework and any physical activity! You can wear them almost always!

With neoprene pants you can:
• Lose unnecessary kilos.
• Get rid of excess centimeters on the waist, stomach and thighs.
• Maximize the effects of your fitness training.
• Raise body temperature.
• Improve overall health.

Neoprene pants are suitable for:
• Anyone who wants to get rid of extra pounds.
• Physically active people, going to fitness training, as a great addition to accelerate the weight loss process.
• People who don’t have time to go to the gym.
• Young mothers to help them lose weight after giving birth.

Commodity specification:
Brand new product.
Fabric: Neotex.
Material composition: 30% polyester, 40% neoprene, 30% nylon.
Comfortable to wear.
Burns fat 4 times faster.
Wash at 30 ° C
Wash without spinning.
Do not use bleach.
Do not tumble dry.
Black colour
Product features:
They are very stretchy.
They fit the figure perfectly.
Fashionable, timeless design that matches many styles.
Body shaping leggings.
No obstructive side seams.
Belly slimming.
Available: M, L, XL