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Toothbrush sterilizer with toothpaste dispenser
Wireless Design:can be used without a socket, the solar panel or USB powered design helps to avoid the danger of clutter.
The battery life after a full charge is up to 3 months of daily use.
Double high-performance sterilization:double sterilization with UVC and photocatalyst, the degree of sterilization is up to 99.99%.
Intelligent Digital Infrared Induction:the sterilization system can be activated by more accurate and sensitive induction of the body.
When the user comes close, the photocatalyst begins to sterilize; When the user goes out, the UV light starts to sterilize.
This design can effectively avoid the user’s hurt caused by the UV light.
UV brush sterilizer.
Paste dispenser Hanger Charging with light energy:by amorphous silicon thin film solar panel with golden lines and high capacity 2600mA lithium-ion battery.
Can be effectively charged with any light (including indoor and natural light), can work for more than three months when fully charged.
UV brush sterilizer Paste dispenser Hanger Different brand Toothpaste dispenser feature:Built-in toothpaste adapter, air bag is made of food grade silica gel, which is environmentally friendly and safe.
It is suitable for any size toothpaste, fixing the hole on the squeezer can help the user get the toothpaste easily and properly