Camry Fan Tower 107cm / 42″ SKU: CR 7320

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The CR7320 fan tower is the right choice for those who expect a device that cools effectively without taking up a large area of the room. The oscillation function allows the column to rotate horizontally, distributing air within a 70-degree radius to the left and right or set it in a stationary position. Three airflow rates, air ionization function *, the possibility of flavoring the air, LED display, remote control and timer are the main advantages of the product. Three ventilation speeds to choose from. Timer range 1-7 hours. The column has space for storing the remote control and a convenient carrying handle. Remote control (1 piece CR2025). The height of the column fan 107cm. In the fan column there is a drawer with a sponge, which can be soaked with your favorite aroma to make the blown air smell nice. * Positive ions are produced by electronic devices often named as electro-smog. Positively charged ions attract bacteria, mites, viruses, mold and fungal spores, and above all large amounts of dust. Negative ions produced by the CR7320 fan tower come into contact with positive ions, to which all impurities cling, neutralize, so that dust, mites, bacteria and viruses fall to the floor. This process is called air ionization. In this way, we protect ourselves against the penetration of these pollutants into our bodies and prevent dust allergy and allergy to dust mites.


  • Tower high 107cm / 42”
  • LED panel
  • Air flow 38m3/min.
  • Horizontal oscilation 70° (35° left and 35° right)
  • Timer 1 – 7 hours
  • Air ionization function
  • Air aromatization function
  • 3 speed settings
  • Remote control (1 x CR2025)
  • Handle for easy carry
  • Power cord length: 163cm
  • Max Power: 120W
  • Power: 60W
  • Power supply 220-240V ~ 50Hz
  • Noise level: 55,5 dB