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A campervan trip and a boat cruise or a tenting trip is a great experience, an adventure during which the CAMRY CR 1035 20 l travel toilet is sure to prove its worth. Our product will allow you to provide comfortable access to the toilet for everyone and in almost any conditions. The universal size of the board allows it to be used both by children and adults (the weight limit is 115 kg), while the double-sealed drain valve protects against leaks and odors, so it is easy to transport the toilet from place to place and use it even during the bumps associated with driving or swimming on lakes and rivers. The 20-liter waste container and 13-liter clean water container work well for larger and smaller groups of travelers.


  • 20L portable toilet
  • Useful for:
  • Sailing
  • Campervan trips
  • Camping
  • Medical care
  • Universal board size
  • Double-sealed drain valve protects against leaks and odors (fig. 3)
  • Built-in water tank for flushing, no external water or power connection required (fig. 5)
  • Piston flush pump, waste tank with capacity for up to 50 flushes
  • Easy cleaning (fig. 6)
  • Easy-to-use toilet
  • Durable thick-walled construction (fig.2)
  • Weight limit of up to 115 kg
  • Removable waste container with stopper
  • Corrosion-resistant latches
  • Waste container: 20L
  • Flush water container: 13L