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The ADLER AD 7969 ultrasonic aroma diffuser enables quick and efficient distribution of fragrance, which is carried by crushed water particles mixed with essential oil. The USB 3-in-1 ultrasonic aroma diffuser is a great alternative to older models of this type of device and scented candles that not everyone can use. You can easily connect the diffuser to a computer, Power Bank or phone charger via USB. The capacity of the water tank is 70 ml, thanks to which the efficiency of humidifying a room up to 25 m2 is about 7-20 ml / h, depending on the selected settings. If you like colorful light and use color therapy, our diffuser may surprise you! Choose from seven colors, or set them all to alternate. The power cord is 100 cm, thanks to which you can easily place the device in the preferred place. One filling with water allows for 4 hours of operation. The AUTO-OFF function will automatically turn off the device when there is no water in the tank.


  • The ultrasound technology allows for the rapid distribution of the fragrance, the carrier of which is fragmented water particles mixed with essential oil. Pleasant scent improves mood, slightly moistened air facilitates concentration and falling asleep, atmospheric light will make work and relaxation more pleasant.
  • The device should be connected to a computer, power bank or a phone charger.
  • 3 functions:
  • – aromatherapy
  • – gentle humidification of dry air with a cold mist
  • – atmospheric lamp
  • Water tank capacity: 70ml
  • Humidification capacity: 7-20ml/h*
  • Working time on one water filling: up to 4 hours
  • Oil dosage: 1-2 drops per tank
  • Choose the essential oil according to your preferences
  • Recommended area of use up to 25m2
  • Continuous humidification mode
  • AUTO-OFF function automatic shutdown when there is no water in the tank
  • Two lighting modes:
  • – alternating in 7 colors
  • – continuous selected color
  • Ultrasound frequency: 3.0MHz
  • Power supply: USB cable, voltage: 5V DC
  • Product size: 126 x 126 x 68mm
  • Power cord: 100cm, white, removable
  • Housing raw material: ABS & PP plastic
  • Housing color: white / light wood
  • * The aroma diffuser will not replace the air humidifier, it will reduce the room humidity by 1-2% RH/24h