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Adler AD 4131 is an innovative and multifunctional slow juicer that brings three different possibilities to your kitchen in one device. Thanks to its versatility, it allows you to prepare a variety of dishes and ensures ease of use. Thanks to its advanced technology, this juicer offers impressive juice extraction levels of up to 75%, meaning you can enjoy a fuller and more nutritious drink. Despite its exceptional performance, the Adler AD 4131 juicer has a compact motor housing, taking up only 15 centimeters of width in your kitchen space. This means you can enjoy all the benefits of juicing without having to take up a lot of counter space. This juicer is equipped with a screw retraction function, which makes it extremely easy to use. In case of any blockage, simply use this function to remove any obstructions and continue the juicing process. Moreover, thanks to its quiet operation, which oscillates around 64 decibels, you can enjoy fresh juice without noise. The Adler AD 4130 juicer is equipped with an efficient DC motor that guarantees efficiency and reliability during juicing. Additionally, anti-slip feet ensure the stability of the device during operation, which increases safety and comfort of use.

One of the main functions of the Adler AD 4131 is a meat grinder, which is equipped with a strainer number 8. This strainer is available in three different hole sizes: 3mm, 5mm and 7mm. Thanks to this, you have full control over the texturing of the minced meat, which allows you to prepare the dish exactly according to your preferences. Adler AD 4131 also has a vegetable chopper function, which allows you to quickly and conveniently cut, chop or grate various vegetables. It is a perfect tool for preparing salads, casseroles and other dishes that require precise preparation of ingredients.


  • 3in1 slow juicer AD 4131
  • Meat mincer, juicer, vegetable grater
  • Compact housing only 15 cm wide
  • Screw reversing function
  • Quiet operation (~59db meat grinder, 64db slow juicer) compared to traditional mincers*.
  • Rotation speed: 90-105 rpm (depending on the load)
  • Efficient DC motor
  • Anti-slip feet
  • Meat mincer with strainer number 8:
  • 3 stainless steel strainers with holes:
  • 3mm, 5mm, 7mm
  • Sausage attachment
  • Kibbeh attachment
  • Single-sided stainless steel knife
  • Vegetable cutter:
  • 3 heads:
  • Slicer – cut cucumbers, carrots, zucchini, peppers, onions, turnips, red cabbage, white cabbage, apples into thin slices
  • Grater with coarse holes – you can grate zucchini, radishes, carrots, cabbage, hard cheese and chocolate
  • Grater Puree – grind dry rolls, hazelnuts, walnuts, almonds, parmesan
  • Slow juicer with high juice yield (up to 75% extraction by weight) for more complete nutrition
  • Capacity of the juice container: 650 ml
  • Capacity of the pulp container: 950 ml
  • Power: 150 W
  • Voltage: 220-240V ~ 50/60Hz