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FRESH water air conditioner by THUNDER is an equipment that will improve the quality of hot days spent at home. Thanks to it, we can maintain a comfortable temperature and humidity in living rooms, offices, and offices. In addition to the cooling function, the air conditioner humidifies and ventilates the air, which makes using it even more pleasant.


  • height: 59,5cm
  • width: 26cm

Technical Data:

– 3 fan speeds

– 4 different types of airflow

– has a 5.5-liter water tank with an indicator

– 12 hour timer

– power supply voltage: 220-240 V

– power: 65 W – volume: 58.8 dB

– remote control for non-contact control

– 70-degree air oscillation

Thanks to the water air conditioner, people struggling with allergies or respiratory diseases will be able to feel the relief of full breathing. The air conditioner humidifies the air, which makes breathing easier and improves the quality of life.

It’s the latest generation of equipment, which is designed with minimal electricity consumption in mind. Nowadays, this is a priority for most users who are concerned about the economy and ecology. Thus, you can use the air conditioner without worrying about high electricity bills.

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