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Smartwatch D20S 2021 Unisex Heart Rate BIG DISPLAY

D20S smartwatch
The smartwatch of the moment. Product of 2021

It does not need a charger as the wrist strap has a charging area for batteries that can be plugged into any USB port (mobile charger, notebook, PC, portable charger etc.). Compatible with Android and IOS.

Smartwatch D20S is not only a beautiful and light watch, it is a device with several functions!

A heart rate monitor or pedometer to help you live a healthy life.

Watch Features:

Pedometer: Record your every step (steps based on your walk)
Calories: Estimated from the number of steps
Heart Rate: It measures blood pressure, heart rate and blood oxygen
Multi-sport mode (running mode): Records calories and running time
Skipping Mode: Records calories burned and jumping time
Sit-up mode: Records calories burned and the duration of your sit-ups
Sleep mode: When you fall asleep, the watch will automatically enter the sleep monitoring mode (sleep monitoring possible in the application connected to the watch)
Additional functions after connecting the watch with the application:

Ability to set a goal for the number of daily steps to go
Call notification (the band vibrates, displays the caller’s name or number
SMS notifications
Application notifications type. Facebook
Alarm Settings
The ability to take photos from a distance on the phone

D20S smartwatch available in Black !!!