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MINIMAL ORDER:     2 pieces
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A ring lamp with a power of 40W and a lamp diameter of 26 cm with the possibility of changing the color of RGB light and with a folding stand up to a height of 220 cm. The perfect lighting kit for any amateur photographer. The LED ring light is ideal for face, small object and macro photography.

Perfect for make-up, irreplaceable in every beauty salon. The lamp provides many years of trouble-free operation and excellent color reproduction.

The lamp is equipped with a remote control on the USB cable from the lamp.

It is placed on the cable – it is used to turn it on and off, change the color of the light (RGB), change the mode as well as brighten and dim.

There are buttons on the remote control for adjusting red, green, blue and white light shades.

The high power of the LEDs will make the lamp a perfect background for recording movies and taking interesting photos.

In turn, white light is perfect for the work of beauticians and make-up artists!

The ring structure of the lamp allows for perfect and even illumination of the workplace and the photographed people or objects. A great solution that will work in all conditions and in any photo studio. Due to its lightness and mobility, when folded, it can also be successfully used outdoors.

Lamp material: plastic
Lamp power: 40W
Lamp shape: round
Lamp type: LED
Power: USB
Tripod height: 220cm + 360-degree rotating head 4.5cm
Tripod capacity: 2.5 kg
Adjustable tripod height: 100cm – 160cm – 220cm
Lamp diameter: 26 cm (10.2 inches)
Black colour
Light color: 18 RGB colors
Cable length: 2m
RING LAMP 40W RING RGB + TRIPOD 220cm Number of light sources 1


The lamp is equipped with colored LEDs, the color of which can be changed using the remote control on the USB cable.

In addition, the lamp is equipped with many interesting modes –

automatic color change mode (the color change can be accelerated and slowed down using the buttons on the remote control) and the rainbow mode (the rainbow can be accelerated and slowed down using the buttons on the remote control).

Lighting effects are perfect for taking photos and recording videos!