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Enjoy a soothing feeling of coolness with the double power of the new and improved Arctic Air Ultra air conditioner:

improves air quality
emits a soft light
Up to 12 hours of work without interruption!

The device allows up to 12 hours of operation with a full water tank.

The improved design compared to the previous model, in turn, provides twice the cooling power. Even at extremely high temperatures, this efficient air conditioner keeps your room cool by as much as 6 ° C!

The Arctic Air Ultra is also equipped with a filter that cleans the air of odors and allergens, thus giving a healthier living environment for you and your family.

New, improved version!
While maintaining all the functions of the air conditioner, Arctic Air Ultra humidifies the air, and thanks to its modern design and lighting function, it will also play a decorative role.

The removable filter can be cleaned and used repeatedly, and the cool, fresh air can be easily adjusted to your needs using the adjustment on the front cover of the device.

Arctic Air Ultra is compact and extremely light, so you can easily move it anywhere. So it will work both at home, on the plot and at work.

Mood and freshness in your bedroom

Arctic Air Ultra emits a soft, atmospheric light, thanks to which it will perfectly replace the bedside lamp in the bedroom, creating a pleasant atmosphere conducive to relaxation.

You can choose from 3 operating modes:
one light color
changing colors
without light
Enjoy a cool breeze on hot days with this indispensable, portable air conditioner in a practical 3-in-1 design!
Product specification:

2.750 RPM turbo fan (revolutions per minute)
Power: 7W
Power supply: 5 V; 1.5 A
USB cable included in the set
Removable sponge filter
Adjustable front cover
3 fan speeds: high, medium, low
Package dimensions: 14.50 x 17.00 x 16.30 cm