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The Mini Cycle dehumidifier uses non-consumable desiccant granules to collect moisture in your room.

After the moisture absorption reaches the saturation level, the granules can be heated and dried to restore the moisture absorption capacity.

This product does not need to be connected during use and should not come into direct contact with water.

When the product is full of moisture, the condition can be seen by the color of the granules. When the product has collected enough moisture, the color will turn red. Then you need to connect it for about 1-3 hours. By heating THE PELLETS WILL DRY and you can use them again. When you dry them, the color will change back to blue.

When using the product for the first time, please check the color of the desiccant, if it is red, plug it in and heat it first to change it back to blue, if it is blue, you can use it directly after opening it.

Thanks to its small surface, it can freely absorb moisture even in the smallest spaces.

Cable included.