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A modern muscle stimulator is a device whose work consists in stimulating muscles to contract using the generated electrical impulse. The pulse coming from the electrode placed on the overlay causes the muscles to contract and relax. The sent impulses reach the innermost muscle fibers.

Thanks to this device, we can support the improvement of muscles, skin elasticity, elimination of CELLULITE. The device guarantees results much faster than classic training. The pacemaker can be used while walking, running, cleaning, reading a book or watching TV. You can wear it under your clothes and use it at any time.

The control panel has training programs,
tailored to the different needs of the user. EMS abdominal electro stimulator has 6 different programs and works by increasing the intensity of EMS waves.

The device, thanks to its construction, is very flexible and adapts to every figure. It has large electrodes mounted on a flexible pad. Thanks to the easy unfastening with press studs, they can be quickly disconnected or transferred to another silicone pad.

Set contains:
Belly silicone cover
2 x silicone cover on the arms / thighs
3 x control panel
Original packaging
Technical Specifications:
It stimulates muscle contractions
6 different programs
Decreasing and increasing the intensity of the pulses.
Supports fat burning
It improves the appearance of the figure
It improves skin elasticity
It improves the muscles
It helps to eliminate cellulite
High durability
Great stimulation power
Silicone body of the stimulator
Detachable control panel
Control panel power supply: 2 x AAA (not included)