Camry Steam Cleaner SKU: CR 7021

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Steam cleaner with a set of functional tips is an effective solution to the problems of both daily and occasional cleaning. Emitted under high pressure, the steam reaches hard-to-reach places. In turn, the high temperature makes the removal of even dried dirt and grease extremely easy. Using a steam cleaner also kills bacteria, leaving a clean, hygienic surface.Designed with the user in mind, the cleaner is intuitive to use, allowing for quick and effective cleaning. The lightweight design and easy maneuverability make cleaning less tiring.


  • Steam cleaner with steam pressure of 3.5 bar
  • Power 900-1050W
  • Maximum power 1500W
  • Tank capacity of 350ml
  • As many as ten accessories included:
  • Round tip with nylon brush
  • Round tip with wire brush
  • Bent tip
  • Extension tip (flexible)
  • Window attachment
  • Fabric brush attachment
  • Funnel
  • Measure
  • Cloth
  • Column nozzle