Camry Patio heater – standing SKU: CR 7737

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The CR7737 heater has been designed for use on covered terraces and patios, it is not intended for indoor heating. Easy to assemble, all the necessary mounting hardware is included in the package. The heater is equipped with 2 heating levels 1000W, 2000W and two quartz heaters that will effectively heat up to 14m2. For the comfort of users, the device is equipped with a 3-step adjustment of the head inclination angle and height adjustment in the range of 157-202 cm. The IP24 housing is resistant to splashing water. The heavy base effectively stabilizes the structure, but if the device is tipped over, it will turn off automatically thanks to the built-in safety switch. Aesthetic workmanship, ease of use, no loud work, the natural warm color of the glowing heater are the main advantages of the product. Rubber feet will protect the ground. The heating element is easy to replace, the heater has a lifetime of 2000 hours, available for sale under the symbol GL7734.1.


  • Metal housing
  • Quartz heating elements
  • 2000 hours lifetime of heating element
  • Replacement heating element GL7734.1
  • 2 power setting: 1000W, 2000W
  • Easy to montage
  • Safety tip-over switch
  • Heating area up to 14m2
  • Adjustable high 157-202cm
  • 3 steps vertical adjustable head
  • Stable, heavy, round base 46cm
  • Rubber feet
  • Easy heating element exchange
  • Product dimensions: 202 x 50 x 19cm
  • Power: 1800-2000W
  • Power supply: 220-240V ~50Hz
  • IP24
  • Product weight: 10,6kg