Camry Iron ceramic soleplate 3000 W SKU: CR 5029

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Its casing in white and green hides a powerful device rated at 3000W. It can be used both horizontally and vertically. Its ceramic soleplate together with a steam burst function, makes ironing easy and very efficient. The soleplate has a self-clean function that facilitates keeping the device clean. The steam iron has anti-drip and anti-calc functions. This way it can be maintained in working order for a long time and will not damage ironed clothes.


  • Power 2000-2400W
  • Power 3000W
  • Vertical ironing
  • Burst of steam 70g/min.
  • Steam ironing 40g/min.
  • Spray 0,5g/shoot
  • Anti-drip function
  • Anti-calc function
  • Self-clean function
  • Power supply 220-240V 50/60Hz
  • *In a new iron, you may find residue water, it is caused by a routine seal test, during mass production
  • Plug type: E/F