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700ml bottle with insert for fruit and ice! It is perfect for creating healthy water-based drinks. – it is a very convenient solution during training, etc.

The cartridge is easily removed from the bottle. therefore washing is quick and easy.

Preparing a delicious and healthy drink is very simple. It is enough to cut the previously washed fruit into small pieces and then place it inside the insert. For variety, you can add ice, mint or other additives. Then fill the bottle with water to about 3/4 of its capacity and place the fruit insert inside the bottle. In this way, we have prepared a delicious, fresh and healthy drink rich in vitamins.

A stylish water bottle for all those who are against the accumulation of plastic bottles. The bottle is transparent and has a wide cap. Perfect not only for water, but also for fruit. The perfect bottle for work, school or a trip.

The 700 ml bottle with a fruit and ice insert is ideal for creating flavored water. The structure of the bottle allows you to create tasty and healthy drinks based on water, fruit and additives (ice cubes, mint or basil leaves) that will emphasize the taste of water.

The water bottle is made of durable plastic intended for contact with food, which can be safely washed in a dishwasher. Inside there is a perforated cylinder, into which we put any pieces of fruit, and then pour the whole water over it. The juice slowly seeps into the main water tank, adding a fruity flavor.

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