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A portable dog water dispenser is a happy find for all pet lovers who like to spend a lot of time outdoors with their furry friend. Thanks to this device, you can provide your pet with access to clean drinking water during travel, long walks, or on hot summer days.

The compact size of the dispenser and the bottle carabiner ensure that there is always a place for it and it will not be burdensome for you. The wide bowl of the dispenser is designed so that dogs of small and large breeds can drink easily. Ergonomic shape allows easy operation of the dispenser with one hand. The blockade next to the water injection button eliminates the credibility of spilling water during transport. Safety and environmental friendliness confirmed by the FDA guarantee that the materials used in the production of the dispenser are absolutely harmless to your pet.

Help your dog fight thirst !!

A dog water bottle with a compact size and a leash, you can easily take it anywhere. No more extra bowl and your dog is no longer thirsty!

The locking switch and silicone sealing ring ensure that the water does not leak. TIPS: Make sure the dog bottle is tightly closed and the lock switch is closed when you put it in your bag.


Item – Portable dog water dispenser
Purpose – For dogs of all breeds
Color Compilation – Pink, Blue
Capacity – 350ml
Cup material – food grade ABS
Container material – Food grade polycarbonate