ANIMAL CLIPPER SET dog hair shaver SKU:047-B

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Cronier clippers are very easy to use and fit in the palm of your hand! They are perfect for quick pruning or for complete professional animal care.

The razors are equipped with a reliable motor and made of high-quality, durable material, so you can expect the best results every time.

Thanks to our set with various overlays and fine adjustment in the ring, you can choose the right style perfectly suited to your pet.


Working time [min]: 120
Cordless razor
Head material: titanium
Blade material: ceramics
Minimum cutting length [mm]: 3
Maximum cutting length [mm]: 12
Additional 5-step ring adjustment [0.8 mm; 1.1 mm; 1.4 mm; 1.7 mm; 2.0 mm]
Quiet operation
Operating voltage [V]: 3.7
Battery [mAh]: 1200

4 attachments,
brush for cleaning the razor,
maintenance oil ,
USB cable

Certification: CE (EMC, RoHS, MSDS)