Adler Fabric Shaver with LCD Display + 2x clothes rollers SKU: AD 9619

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The Adler AD 9619 is an advanced fabric shaver designed to restore the perfect look to your clothes and other fabrics. With precision blades and modern features, this compact appliance effectively removes knots and wrinkles, refreshing your fabrics. The LED display gives you full control over the device, and the additional clothes cleaning roller makes it an even more versatile tool for daily fabric care. The shaver is equipped with three speeds: 6500, 7500, 8500 rpm and has a powerful 3.7V, 2000mAh lithium battery. The shaver can be charged via the USB port of your computer, phone charger or power bank. With the Adler AD 9619 fabric shaver, any of your fabrics can look like new. Don’t let knots and wrinkles spoil the look of your favorite clothes. Choose the Adler AD 9619 and enjoy refreshed fabrics every day.

The adjustable-speed fabric shaver is a practical tool that allows you to adjust the speed to suit different types of fabrics, allowing you to effectively and safely remove wrinkles and dirt from your clothes and other fabrics. With the ability to choose between different speeds, the shaver can be used with a wide range of fabrics, from delicate to thick and difficult to maintain.


  • LED display: Makes it easy to navigate with an indicator for charging, battery level and operating speed.
  • Three Work Speeds: Allows you to adjust the intensity for a variety of fabric types: 6500, 7500, 8500 RPM.
  • Grid and Stainless Steel Blades: Guarantees long-lasting performance and precision cutting.
  • Cutting Surface Diameter: 6.5cm – ideal for quickly and efficiently removing lint from larger areas.
  • Cleaning Brush: Makes it easy to keep the razor clean for long and trouble-free use.
  • Innovative Clothes Cleaning Roller: Integrated into the handle, the pull-out roller is ideal for quickly refreshing clothes before and after de-pilling.
  • Universal USB Charging: Can be recharged with a USB cable (A connector and type-C plug) via your computer’s USB port, phone charger or power bank.
  • Long-lasting Operation: Up to 120 minutes of operation on a single charge (2-3 hours), depending on the speed selected.
  • Powerful Lithium Battery: 3.7V, 2000mAh, ensures reliability and readiness to work whenever you need it.