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Do you dream of pleasant warmth during winter evenings or cold days? Our electric hot water bottle is the answer to your needs. Colder days and evenings are usually the time when we look for simple and convenient ways to warm up after the hardships of everyday life. The ADLER AD 7439 electric hot water bottle may be helpful in this process. Thanks to its 360W power, the hot water bottle quickly reaches the appropriate temperature, providing pleasant warmth. The hot water bottle is equipped with a soft fleece cover that is gentle to the skin and pleasant to the touch. The hot water bottle keeps warm for up to 5 hours, so you can enjoy pleasant warmth for a long time. The ADLER AD 7439 electric hot water bottle is an ideal product for people who are looking for a proven way to get rid of the unpleasant feeling of cold. Discover warmth and comfort with the Adler electric hot water bottle. It is a perfect companion for winter evenings, relaxation after a tiring day or as a gift for a loved one.


  • Electric hot water bottle
  • Power: 360W
  • Soft fleece cover
  • Device dimensions: 37x17x6.5 cm
  • Keeps warm for up to 5 hours
  • Heats up in about 20 minutes
  • Maximum water temperature: 70 C
  • Overheating protection
  • Plugin type: C
  • Material color: Dark Gray
  • Housing material: Polyester
  • Cable color: Black
  • Cable length: 90 cm