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The Adler 7966 air humidifier is equipped with a high frequency ultrasonic oscillator to break down the water into fine particles with a diameter of 1-5um. The ventilation system used removes microscopic water particles into the air then, during evaporation, it humidifies the air until the desired level of humidity is obtained. The moisturizing effect is visible in the form of a delicate mist coming out of the nozzle of the device. The device is equipped with a water tank for top filling and constantly monitors and displays the current humidity. The Adler 7966 humidifier is equipped with an aromatherapy function – a dispenser of essential oils.


  • LCD control panel
  • Top filling water tank
  • The device constantly monitors and displays the current humidity
  • Humidification capacity 280ml/hour
  • Ultrasonic technology breaks up water into fine mist particles with a diameter of 1-5um
  • Water descaling filter included
  • Hygrometer function 40-90% – high quality sensor sets target moisture
  • Automatic shut-off function – lack of water sensor
  • Timer – automatic shutdown after 1-12 hours
  • Display goes out on sleep mode
  • Aromatherapy function – dispenser for essential oils
  • 3-step adjustment of humidification intensity
  • Operation area up to 35 m2
  • Water tank capacity 4.6 liters
  • Working time on one filling over 16 hours
  • Noise level <35 dB, the device is extremely quiet for a good nights sleep
  • Dimensions: 20x20x30cm
  • Power 25W
  • Power supply: 220-240V ~50/60Hz
  • Plug type: C