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The face massager is a perfect device for washing and massaging the face and its surroundings. Perfect for everyday home care and travel. It has 5 different tips in the set.

The small device offers many benefits to tired facial skin, such as:

cleans the face thoroughly,
provides the skin with a gentle massage,
unblocks and cleans pores,
removes excess sebum,
it is waterproof and hygienic,
prepares the skin to absorb active ingredients from daily care cosmetics,
Perfect for traveling.

Product: Facial cleansing brush
Pink color
Power supply: 2 x AA batteries (not included)
Condition: Brand new
Product code: 00050C7
Perfectly cleanses from:
clogged pores
dead skin cells,
makeup remnants.
A modern washcloth provides in-depth cleansing of the skin while improving its condition. The massager generates vibrations that set in motion the silicone protrusions on the surface of the device.

The vibrations combined with the movement of the micro-tips deeply cleanse, peel and regenerate the skin. Thanks to this device, your skin will be clean, regenerated and radiant. Its color will even out and the callous layer of the epidermis will disappear.

The device allows for simultaneous daily massage and skin cleansing. The massager not only cleans but also massages the skin. Delicate vibrations provide an anti-aging effect, improving skin tension and reducing fine wrinkles.

Regular use of the device improves blood circulation in the skin of the face, eliminates puffiness and dark circles under the eyes. Ensures proper lymph flow, thus regulating the discharge of toxins and impurities from the skin.

The use of the brush together with preparations for cleaning and care of the face ensures their better absorption and supports the action of active substances.

The kit includes 5 tips, each with a different effect:
Latex sponge – for massaging the eye area, cheeks, for rubbing in creams
Make-up remover sponge – thoroughly removes makeup from the face
Brush – massages, removes exfoliated epidermis
Ball tip – massages, improves blood supply to the skin, has a relaxing effect
Abrasive tip, peeling – removes callous epidermis