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QUIET STRONG EFFECTIVE – for pumping nasal secretions in infants and young children who cannot get rid of them by themselves.

The discharge that collects in the nose during an infection or allergy is a breeding ground for bacteria and contributes to disease complications.
In addition, it makes it difficult to eat, breathe and sleep, so the child’s ailments affect the peace of the whole family. Removing secretions before bedtime will help your baby breathe more fully and more freely, and keeping the nasal passages clean can protect against numerous chronic infections and the inconvenience associated with it.

The product is also recommended for alleviating allergic symptoms.

Aspirators are more efficient, less invasive, and easier to use compared to the widely used medical pears.
Features of the aspirator:

  • Quiet operation – no jamming melodies needed. Two sizes of tips to choose from – we select the type of tip depending on the secretion
  • Easy to clean and maintain – easy to sterilize the nasal tips and the container. It does not require buying any replaceable cartridges.
  • Hygienic – does not cause irritation.
  • You do not need to buy batteries that will last for a limited time.
  • Slim shape – fits well in the handLight – built-in special battery, thanks to which it works for a long time after charging
  • Charged with a traditional Micro USB phone charger, so you can always charge it on the go without unnecessary searching for the battery.
  • High efficiency and effectiveness thanks to the adjustable gradual suction power.

The set includes: aspirator, USB cable (can be charged using a charger with USB input, computer), 2 tips, 8 filters

AVAILABLE IN 3 COLOURS – green, pink, blue.