Automatic 360-degree rotating lawn sprinkler, SKU: 2175

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1. WIDE RANGE: powerful 360-degree garden irrigation sprinkler rotary sprinkler with 3 arms 12 unit angle nozzles provides powerful irrigation for every corner of the garden.
2. AGRICULTURAL SPRINKLERS: our lawn sprinklers will certainly be ideal for watering lawns, gardens, trees, fields, and tall plants. You can also connect the sprinkler system to multiple units to cover a larger area.
3. EASY TO USE: garden sprinklers are equipped with quick connectors and black threaded connectors. When connecting the American standard threaded hose, unscrew the black threaded connector, and the traditional rubber hose can be connected directly.
4. VERSATILE AND EFFICIENT: This garden sprinkler tool can be used to water outdoor lawns, home yards, fields, and grass, as an irrigation system, garden sprinkler, and children’s play.
5. RELIABLE MATERIAL: our garden sprinklers are made of high-quality ABS polymer and anti-corrosion. This durable lawn sprinkler will provide long-lasting, trouble-free performance.

Large garden sprinkler with three pins and streamlined base.
Automatic 360-degree rotation, spray area diameter about 5~10m.